This poem was submitted in July 2013 to Talisman magazine (http://www.talismanmag.net/)


От неба в паутинных нитях

перевернувшись на живот,

на даче спят —

ещё увидят,

что ветром северных широт

всё небо с птичьим недосыпом

чуть в сторону отнесено,

и на веранде снег засыпал

сентиментальное письмо…


Turning away, onto their bellies

From the sky wrapped in spider threads,

The vacationers sleep—

They’ve yet to see,

That by the force of northern winds,

The whole sky, with its avian insomnia,

Has been set off sideways slightly,

And that meanwhile on the veranda snow has buried

That sentimental letter…