Bug Faces: Macro Shots

BUG FACES: Talk About First Impressions!

These photographs represent the beginnings of my macro photography career, done with tiny point-and-shoots on weekend hikes as I was growing up in San Francisco.

Now that I've graduated to a professional camera, be sure to check out The New Bug Faces too!



Yellow Crab Spider Poised, Mount Diablo, CA

Cucumber Beetle on Mariposa Lily, Mount Diablo, CA

Plant Beetle Clings On, Mount Diablo, CA

Crab Spider Walks the Blade, Mount Diablo, CA

Wood Beetle on Madrone, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, CA

Wolf Spider's Gaze, Lakes Basin, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA


Alpine Tiger Beetle Shows Off Its Stripes, Carson Pass, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

Peekaboo Bee, Mount Diablo, CA


Beetle Nymph, Mount Tamalpais State Park, CA

Daisy Stop For Fritillary Butterfly, Glacier National Park, MT

Fuzzy June Bug, County Kilkenny, Ireland

Masked Beetle Friend, Fort Steele, British Columbia


Skipper Butterfly on Budding Bluedicks, Mount Diablo, CA

Looking Up at Señor Grasshopper, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, CA

Skipper Rest Stop on Blue Witch Flower, Mount Diablo CA

Standout Grasshopper Camouflage, Mount Tamalpais, CA

Monarch Caterpillar Larva, Los Padres National Forest, CA

Grasshopper: Dazed and Confused, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, CA

Hairy Caterpillar, Natural Tunnel State Park, VA


Bewildered Grasshopper, John Day National Monument, OR

Banana Slug Munching Away, Big Basin State Park, CA


Shiny Cricket, Mount Diablo, CA

Territorial Plant Bug, Grouse Basin, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA