This poem was submitted in July 2013 to Talisman magazine (

Шёпот города

Мы проходили по городу,
город близился к вечеру,
мы бродили в лабиринте,
и в улицах, которые
в высоту больше,
чем в ширину,
от стен отдавалось
шуршанье сотен шагов.

Мы проходили по городу —
по шепчущим внутренностям
морской раковины.




Whisper of the City


We were walking through the city,

the city was nearing night,

we wandered in the maze

and in those streets which

are taller

than they are wide,

the rustle of hundreds of steps

echoing off the walls.


We were walking through the city—

through the whispering innards

of a seashell.