Tiny beetles, some lichen on the side of a pole, a banana slug...

These are things that most of us, in our daily lives, may dismiss as disgusting, insignificant, scary, or just plain ugly.

But that's not my belief. I believe in finding beauty in nature's tiniest details, because it's that hidden beauty that makes us appreciate the natural world that much more.

It is my hope that through my photography, I can make people appreciate the subtle beauty of nature, its fragility, and the need to preserve it for future generations.

Coastal Sunset, Mendocino, CA

Feeling inspired to help protect these gems of nature?

Most of my shots were taken in the San Francisco Bay Area, a special place where urbanity and nature seem to integrate seamlessly. Yet that peaceful coexistence is threatened by development, pollution, and "Nature Deficit Syndrome" among inner-city youth. Many of the animals and places featured in my photos are being threatened. Here are some organizations that are helping to protect and educate people about these special places:
  • The Headlands Institute, part of NatureBridge, teaches environmental education to thousands of children each year at its campus in the Marin Headlands. I've worked with them for over four years, and am the videographer for their teen program this year.
  • Save Mount Diablo has been fighting for almost 40 years for the preservation of this amazing state park.
  • The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy is a great place to learn about volunteer opportunities throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
  • On a national level, the Nature Conservancy does a lot to preserve open space and access to beautiful nature. 
  • If you enjoyed the bird photos...
    • The Golden Gate Raptor Observatory studies migrating raptors in the Marin Headlands. I'm currently banding birds of prey with the Hawk Banding program.
    • Wildcare, an animal hospital in San Rafael, takes care of injured wild animals, including the baby barn owl shown in the barn owl photo. While on a monitoring run with the Hungry Owl Project, a volunteer and I found her kicked out of her nest box, and we took her to Wildcare to fatten her up. She was back with her family in no time. Thanks, Wildcare!
    • The Golden Gate Audubon Society runs the Audubon Canyon Ranch, a great place to see wildlife.
    • For those who'd rather stay at home, check out the Complete Guide to Bird-Watching From Your Window
    • A beginner's guide to birdwatching, recommended by site visitor Nicole
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